Longs Peak Exhibitors

Cool Planet (booth #2) is a company and a team dedicated to improving soil health, food security, and global sustainability through innovation in agriculture and green industries. We are particularly focused on developing and commercializing our Engineered Biocarbon™ technology. With deep materials science and agronomy expertise, by applying modern process and manufacturing discipline, and through extensive soil and crop testing and trialing we are bringing new tools to the burgeoning soil health space. Our mission is to provide growers and producers with tools that improve the health of their soil, their productivity and yields, and the overall sustainability and profitability of their lands and operation.

ROI (booth #3) is an equipment manufacturing company focused on providing environmentally responsible and more cost effective systems for recycling wood and vegetative debris. Our track mounted CARBONATOR 500 provides customers a single step mobile process to significantly reduce volume while manufacturing a high grade biochar product. The system’s Carbonizing process utilizes the debris as its own fuel source for recycling large volumes of wood and other suitable biomass. The CARBONATOR is designed to accept trees, brush, stumps, green waste and other woody debris without the need for pre-processing (grinding or chipping). The CARBONATOR 500 is the only available single-step mobile recycling system that reduces the processing carbon footprint to less than neutral, having a net effect of removing CO2e emissions from the atmosphere.

Pyrolist (booth #9) is an online trading platform that allows members to buy and sell products, technology and services. The purpose of Pyrolist is simple: we want to connect all actors of the industry in a way that can benefit each and everyone, all across the globe. We want to empower entrepreneurs of the pyrolytic industry, get companies to thrive and increase the visibility of pyrolysis as a solution to recycle end-of-life materials that would be otherwise buried or forgotten.